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Location has been discontinued and business restarted as A La Mode. Be sure to check them out. They offer delicious products!

… Because there’s a place to get safe “ice cream”!  You can create it any way you like it … and concocting is so much fun.


Atomic #7 is a great little ice cream and dessert shop catering to gluten-free, vegan, and organic dietary needs. And the customer is in complete control of their culinary destiny. The menus are designed as a check list of all the ingredients available. There are five categories you choose from including what “universe” (size) ice cream or shake, the “milky way” (non-dairy foundation), your “vessel” (cone, bowl, waffle cone), which “blast of sweetness”, and your “down to earth” or “out of this world” flavors (all natural). Everything plays off the “atmosphere” theme. Sort of “out of this world” thinking, if you ask me.

I was fortunate enough to sit down with Ginger Fournier, co-owner of Atomic #7,  in her store in Henderson, Nevada. “I’ve never found anything like it,” I shared with her.  Ginger began telling me the story of how Atomic #7 came to be. The business model came about one afternoon when she and her friends where out looking for a place to “get some ice cream.” One was vegan, one was gluten-free, and one just doesn’t like putting things in her body that she cannot pronounce. After eliminating all the places they could not enjoy together, they were a bit frustrated. As the old adage goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Conversations between the friends progressed and an idea was born. Create an ice cream shop and eatery where all their needs could be met. And that’s exactly what they’re doing!

On June 1st, 2010, Atomic #7 opened for business. Not only are they meeting their own needs, but they are bringing safe and healthful options to their customers. Atomic#7 creates varieties of ice cream and shakes according to your personal needs and desires, as well as smoothies, baked goodies, and even fresh, made-to-order hot puddings while you wait. “I absolutely love hot chocolate pudding, and it was wonderful creating my pudding from only three ingredients … chocolate, agave, and coconut milk. Some of the best pudding I’ve ever had, even prior to becoming gluten and diary free,” I told Ginger after indulging in such a decadent taste treat. “We are able to make our frozen individual creations on the spot by using liquid nitrogen through our patented atmospheric freezing process,” Ginger explains. “Our kitchen is vegan certified. All of our vegan products and cookware, utensils, cutting boards, etc are clearly marked and kept separate from the other kitchen items, so there is no cross-contamination,” she says. Atomic #7 is also pleased to let the customers know that all of their baked goods are made from scratch. Ginger shared that the most difficult recipe to figure out was the waffle cone, but from my observations of the guests coming through and enjoying them, they have definitely mastered that recipe. And I have no doubt that they will continue to master more. The focus of pure and healthful products, their energy and enthusiasm at Atomic #7 is infectious.

Atomic #7’s team is continuously adding new items to their menu. They have hopes to expand into offering pastas, soups, sandwiches and wraps in the future. With the quality of their current offerings, you’ll want to be sure to keep watching for these…I know I will. Currently there is only one Atomic #7 location, but they have hopes for a second shop in the not too distant future.

Atomic #7

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