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Rich's RichWhip Topping Rich’s RichWhip Non-Dairy Whip Topping is so delicious you’ll never miss the better known dairy-filled whipped topping, even if you’re one who can indulge with no dietary restrictions.

We were hesitant to try yet another non-dairy product. Some products we’ve tried have provided an interesting experience, to say the least. But we couldn’t possibly share the pie recipe we’ll be featuring in a few days without all of the pie ingredients. So we decided to be adventurous taste-testers once again. After all, safe food is a journey. And here’s where we exclaim, “Oh My Goodness!”

RichWhip Non-Dairy Whip Topping is easy, delicious, and fun to clean up after you’ve used almost all the topping in your favorite recipe. But be sure to leave a little in the mixing bowl, for empirical testing of course. It whips up so light and fluffy, is creamy with a clean finish, and performs very well. It comes in a small carton found in the freezer section near the breakfast foods, in most large grocery stores.

Before we were ready to use it, we thawed it in the refrigerator over night. We also chilled the bowl (though not required) for a couple of hours prior to preparation. We began whipping the topping in our electric stand mixer. The product directions state the process may take eight to twelve minutes to reach stiff peak results. Our advice … don’t walk away once you start whipping because the deliciousness happens much faster than that … at least it did for us. Perhaps it was due to the pre-chilled bowl. Regardless the reason, we were all too happy to have tasty results without delay. The topping whipped up so perfectly that we were able to pipe it onto our pie in peaks. Lovely! The peaks didn’t collapse while we enjoyed our pie, but we were sure to refrigerate the leftovers. Excited to indulge in another piece of pie the next day, we were thrilled to see the peaks were still peaks, and still light and fluffy.

Rich’s RichWhip Non-Dairy Whip Topping is lactose free, 100% milk free, gluten free, vegan, and Kosher.

We’ve learned our lessen about trying new things. Indulge in trials … you may find indulging is delicious.

Daily Forage Rating: ◊◊◊

Rich’s RichWhip Non-Dairy Whip Topping

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  1. I found you via a FB post by Atomic 7 & follow your rss feed. I was wondering if you could post or link to ingredient lists for your finds? We have additional food allergies besides wheat and dairy (like oats, nuts, corn and soy to name a few). I appreciate the info you share but always feel like I want to know more.

  2. The most exciting still can eat many tasty fruits. Such as: ORANGE,MANGOS,BANANAS,APPLES,PEARS~~~~~~

  3. Fresh fruit, especially with Rich’s RichWhip, is always delicious!

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