Enjoy Life not nuts! Seed and Fruit Mix

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… A Gluten-Free Snack You Can Go Nuts About!

Enjoy Life Logo, photo courtesy of Enjoy Life FoodsWhen I sat down to write this product review of not nuts! Seed and Fruit Mix by Enjoy Life Foods, my goal (as with any review) was to be unbiased and objective. It is important to try to erase, or never establish, any preconceived notions or expectations when making an evaluation, especially one that will be shared with others, until proper due diligence has been done to glean all the facts. But I’d already had a sample taste of this gluten-free, nut-free snack. With that being said, there was only one problem …

…I found myself snacking non-stop on the stuff! Yes, the serving size of 1/4 cup came and went, and came and went again. Unbiased? Not anymore. This stuff is addicting! I have reviewed Enjoy Life products in the past, many of them were of a more crunchy nature, and I enjoyed them, gave them a positive review, and was happy to bring them to your attention. BUT … sinking my teeth, literally, into the soft and sweet dried fruit and tender seeds of not nuts! Seed and Fruit Mix kept my munch-ability on overdrive. I didn’t even bother to put some of the mixes into little bowls for use as my sample portions. Nope, just kept dipping right into each bag. “Each bag!” you say? Yes, there are two flavor combinations … both delicious (oh yes, healthy too) and capable of captivating my full attention. But enough about my indulgent behavior; let’s talk about the product!

There are two varieties, as I mentioned: Beach Bash and Mountain Mambo. What makes each one special and distinct?


Enjoy Life Beach Bash Seed:Fruit Mix, photo courtesy of Enjoy LifeBeach Bash – has a slightly tropical flavor, though not overly so. I found the pineapple to add a flavor “pop” to this mix … I love that!

     - sunflower kernels

    - pineapple

    - pumpkin seeds

    - cranberries

    - apricots


Enjoy Life Mountain Mambo Seed:Fruit Mix, photo courtesy of Enjoy LifeMountain Mambo – has hints of chocolate every so often, again not overly done, and the chocolate matches especially well against the cranberries and pumpkin seeds.

    - sunflower kernels

    - pumpkin seeds

    - raisins

    - apples

    - chocolate chips

    - cranberries


There is a natural sweetness to these flavors, no sugar or sweeteners have been added, making them easy (especially for me evidently) to enjoy without having repercussions of a sugar high or leaving a filmy sensation in the mouth like a candy-coated aftertaste.  

I also really like the similarly sized pieces. This allows the mix to be more thoroughly blended, so all the tasty morsels of each flavor are in every bite. Easy to chew, easy to mix into your favorite breakfast cereal, a healthy way to embellish your waffles or pancakes, an especially quick and tasty way to kick up a salad. I think I’m going to try making it into a “granola” bar … mmmm, sounds good already!

As with all Enjoy Life products, not nuts! Seed and Fruit Mix is made in a dedicated nut and gluten-free facility. Both varieties are certified gluten-free and approved for a vegan diet. Additionally, Enjoy Life ensures their products are free of wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish and shellfish. They are also made without casein, potato, sesame or sulfites. 

Naturally delicious? You bet! Made so we can "Eat Freely"? Of course! Resealable bags convenient for taking along on your next outing? Let’s go! Will I be picking up some more next time I go shopping? … Absolutely! Get yours too!

Daily Forage Rating: ◊◊◊ 

Enjoy Life Foods not nuts! Seed and Fruit Mix

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