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It seems in most homes pasta is a staple item for the kitchen pantry. Fortunately, this can be true for the gluten-free pantry as well. There are a number of manufacturers of gluten free pasta to choose from, but we've found one brand that seems to set the bar a bit higher than the rest. 

Schar GF Pasta - Anellini Schar Gluten Free, Wheat Free Pasta is a product you can depend on to turn out delicious every time you prepare it. When cooked al dente, the pasta has the perfect texture, or “tooth”, and doesn’t become soggy or fall apart. It can stand up to spaghetti sauce and keep its form, yet is delicious and perfect when served with just a little olive oil and seasoning. 

There are a variety of shapes to choose from to fit whatever your menu requires. Whether you're looking for little Anellini for your favorite soup, or you're making spaghetti and want to use the long, thin noodles, or you're just in a fun mood and want some twisted Fusilli spirals, Schar has these and additional shapes from which to choose.

And don't hesitate to serve a cold pasta salad using Schar on those warm, summer days just around the corner. The pasta has a great flavor and texture even when tossed with your favorite gluten free italian salad dressing, or your own mixture of herbs and oil, then chilled.

Schar pastas are gluten free and wheat free, as well as many of the pastas are free of soy, milk, and preservatives. A few pasta items are even egg free. So when you're stocking your pantry, be sure to check out Schar Pasta.

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Schar Gluten Free, Wheat Free Pasta

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