Oscar Mayer Announces Gluten-Free Hot Dogs

Posted by on Jun 3, 2013 in Newsy | 3 comments

… Just in Time for Barbecue Season!

Oscar Mayer Selects Chicken Breast Gluten-free Hot dogs, image courtesy of OM

UPDATE: Unfortunately, these are no longer available from Oscar Mayer.

Have you heard? Oscar Mayer has just released gluten-free hot dogs in their Selects hot dog line. This new dog is made from chicken breast meat and contains no artificial preservatives, flavors, colors or hormones. They also contain 65% less fat than their regular hot dogs, and have no nitrates or nitrites.

Summer never feels like it’s truly arrived until we’ve done hot dogs on the grill. So I’ll be searing these dogs up nice and golden, then cradling these new gluten-free wieners in an Udi’s gluten-free hot dog bun (they’re also free of dairy, soy and nuts … yay!), slatherin’ on some of my favorite gluten-free mayo and mustard (I love to use Hellman’s Light Mayo and French’s Yellow Mustard), and saying, “Bring on summer!”  

Will your gluten-free barbecue to welcoming hot dogs back to it’s grill rack? Be sure to let us know what you think of them!

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  1. Cinnie,I enjoyed reading your around this time last year. It could have been written by me. I was so happy when the chicken brast franks became available; and of course I also ate them with Udi’s buns. Sadly, after only a few months they’ve disappeared from the only two stores that sold them in Seattle! It seems they are not available anywhere! Do you know what happened? I’ve written the company twice only to get emails that don’t open properly. Strange..

  2. Where can I get these chicken dogs in Altoona PA

    • Thanks for the question, Cynthia. I’ve researched where you can find these and discovered that they are no longer available. 🙁 So sorry to hear that! I’ll keep my eyes open for another product to fit this need.

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