RP’s Pasta Company Gluten Free Pasta

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… Boy, There’s A Mouthful!

RP's Pasta Company Fresh GF PastaAnd what a delicious mouthful it is! I’m convinced, as I suspect most people are, that fresh pasta is much more satisfying than dried pasta, though dried pasta definitely has its place in my kitchen. But I’m here today to share with you my new found delight in RP’s Pasta Company Gluten Free Pasta.

I stumbled upon this pasta purely by accident while milling through my local grocery store the other day. I was quite surprised to see a gluten-free fresh pasta (perhaps I’ve been under a rock). Since pasta, of all shapes and sizes, is one of our staples, I knew right then and there that I had to give this stuff a try … … … YUM!!! (Sorry, it took me a minute to finish another delicious mouthful!)

RP’s Pasta Company is no stranger to making fresh pasta – they have an extensive variety of pasta noodles and filled pastas – making their move into the gluten-free pasta realm decidedly delicious. No need to worry about cross-contamination here, though, because RP’s gluten free pasta is certified gluten-free.

I’ve cooked up a couple of batches (one just wouldn’t have been enough), and I love this pasta! “Why?” you ask? First, I really love that it comes in five fresh varieties for any pasta dish I’m wanting to make … linguine, fusilli, lasagna sheets, and two flavors of fettuccine, plain and spinach. Second, this pasta cooks in just 2-3 minutes (making it easy to get dinner on the table in a hurry). Once cooked, the pasta becomes these beautiful ribbons of tenderness, with a satisfying mouthfeel that I’ve not experienced with dried pasta. It seemed to satisfy a craving I’ve had for a very long time. Third, the flavor is “real”! I don’t think anyone would ever detect that it is gluten-free. This means its easy to serve everyone the same dish – no fixing two different batches of pasta, you know … one for the gluten-free and one for the “not”, when company visits. Love that! While it costs a bit more than dried pasta, it is very comparably priced to gluten-containing fresh pastas in the marketplace. I believe you get what you pay for and, in my humble opinion, it’s worth every penny. We’re definitely giving this product review our three diamonds rating. Be sure to watch for my upcoming recipe, Springtime Pastel Pasta with Veggies, using RP’s Pasta Company Gluten Free Fettuccine.

If you’ve not yet tried RP’s Pasta Company Gluten Free Pasta, I urge you to do so. It may just satisfy the craving in you too!

Product Review Rating: ◊◊◊

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