Red Apple Lipstick Makes R-Evolutionary Addition

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… A New Twist in Gluten Free Make-up!

Red Apple Lipstick Logo, courtesy of RAL

Okay, I can’t help myself! I’m giving you warning upfront that I’m about to sound like a billboard with flashing neon lights located on Las Vegas Blvd, but what I have to share with you is a subject which brings me great excitement. Red Apple LipstickEnough said! Oh, were you expecting more? Yes, you’ve probably heard me share my enthusiasm and support for Red Apple Lipstick, but there is more to this story. Red Apple Lipstick has recently released their new line of gluten free lip pencils. These pencils bring a different “twist” to the gluten free cosmetics world. Literally! How? These new pencils are twistable and retractable. Fun, right? Red Apple Lipstick calls them R-evolution Retractable Lip Pencils. I call them wonderful!

Red Apple Lipstick R-evolution Lip Pencils, photo courtesy of RAL

As with all Red Apple Lipstick products, the R-evolution Retractable Lip Pencils are gluten free and vegan. Did you also know that they are free of lead and parabens (nasty preservatives shown in studies to be linked to breast cancer)? What they aren’t free of is long-lasting moisture. The vitamin E makes these lip pencils apply smoothly and causes my lips to feel more supple and nourished. They are available in four colors: Nude (gives a “finished” lip without color), Blush (perks up the lips a bit), Roseberry (says “Hello” in a sexy way), and Almost Red (which has a slight “brick” to it, making it sophisticated). I also find the colors to have great wearability. By that I mean, the color lasts for hours, even through my everyday activities like sipping on a straw, enjoying my favorite midday munchies, or kissing my charming better half.

Wearing the R-evolution lip pencil alone provided me with long-lasting color, but when I found these lip pencils to really hit stride, at least for me, was when I paired them with other great lip products from the Red Apple Lipstick line. They create a perfect base without causing a “lip-lined” look. Here are a couple of suggestions for you that I’ve come away with from my “playtime”. 

To add more moisture to your lips, apply Rallye Balm either over or under R-evolution. If you prefer the color the way it comes out naturally, apply the lip pencil to your lips first, then add your Rallye Balm. If you want to make the color just a bit more subtle, apply Ralley Balm first. 

You can also add lip gloss for a shiny look, or experiment with lipsticks to create colors and shine-ability to your personal preference. 

Another aspect of Red Apple Lipstick products that I love … there are endless “color” and “look” possibilities because just about any color of any RAL lipstick will blend and create a complementary combination. LOVE THAT! I can have my own “lipstick lab” right in my home. You can try your own combinations, but if you’re looking for inspiration, check out this link to read some of the tips from the Red Apple Lipstick crew directly.

So to sum up this product review, I definitely am not just giving you “lip service” (sorry, I couldn’t resist), I am a solid believer in Red Apple Lipstick and their new R-evolution Retractable Lip Pencils. A great name for this product line!

Daily Forage Rating: ◊◊◊ 

One more important point I MUST mention … Through the end of July, Red Apple Lipstick is offering a coupon for 20% off all products in your entire purchase. Only one coupon per customer, so compile your “want-list” and shop away! Be sure to use the coupon code on the big lipstick on my sidebar and click through directly to RAL. Shopping access, and discounts, made easy!     

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