10 Things to do Today to Celebrate National Celiac Awareness Day …

Posted by on Sep 13, 2011 in Newsy | 0 comments

… Share your opinions by taking the GIG Food Safety Survey.

… Try a new product you've been curious about.

… Learn more about living the gluten free lifestyle by reading our Core Knowledge section.

… Join a gluten free organization.

… Dine out at a restaurant that understands gluten-free.

… Check out our Events Calendar and find an upcoming event you can attend.

… Make a delicious and healthful meal incorporating quinoa, lentils, or whole flax meal.

… Share your favorite gluten free recipe with a friend.

… Share a bit of your gluten free wisdom by adding a comment on Daily Forage.

… And, last but not least, enjoy some gluten free chocolate today!

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