10th Annual Making Tracks for Celiacs

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Today the 10th Annual making Tracks for Celiacs Walk/Run, sponsored  by R.O.C.K Twin Cities, occured in Victoria, MN. This event is helping to raise public awareness about Celiac Disease. Celiac Disease affects as many as 1 out of every 133 people, many of whom simply have not been diagnosed yet. Because the symptoms of Celiac Disease can manifest in so many different forms, proper diagnosis is often delayed whereby potentially causing life-threatening complications. By raising public awareness, the potential to lessen the number of undiagnosed cases increases. 

There are fun and engaging activities at the event including a 5K run, a 5k walk, as well as gluten-free foods for sampling, face painting and games for the kids. As much as 25% of the money raised at this event will be used to support continued local awareness events and projects. The remainder of raised income supports the UMB Fdt-Ctr for Celiac Research and to educate the health care industry and patients. 

This is an important annual event, with fun to be had, new information to be gained, and awareness to be shared. Be sure to watch for the 11th Annual Making Tracks for Celiacs Walk/Run Event so you can enter it into your calendar.

R.O.C.K. Twin Cities

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  1. This is great. Celiac walks/runs are a great way to spread awareness. There should be more everywhere. My son has celiac. We are thinking in planning a celiac walk in our area (Clifton, NJ).
    Keep up the great mission of spreading celiac awareness.
    Great article.

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