Tropical Protein Shake

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Gluten-free, Dairy-free Tropical Protein Shake

I love starting my busy day with a solid nutritional base. This protein shake is bright and refreshing. It’s a not overly sweetened drink that uses only whole foods and no added sugars, and is energy boosted with the addition of chia seeds and raw walnuts. You’ll also be getting a healthy dose of anti-oxidants, fiber, and anti-inflammatory benefits.

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Smokey Bacon Tart Cherry Date Cookies

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Gluten-free Dairy-free Smokey Tart Cherry Date Cookies

Though I couldn’t eat chocolate for a few weeks, I still wanted a chocolate chip-style cookie. You know the ones. They have a crispy exterior, are a little bit buttery, and have a great chewy center with bits of tasty surprises. So I decided to tweak my favorite recipe with some creative savory and tangy add-ins. What a surprising …

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Cashew Butter Banana Date Smoothie

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Gluten-free Dairy-free Cashew Butter Banana Date Smoothie

This gluten-free, dairy-free shake, is just like eating a dessert of frozen bananas dipped in nut butter. A deliciously perfect recipe I accidentally created! It’s enriched with kale and spinach, but I can promise you’ll never taste them. Oh the thriving continues …

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Grilled Stuffed Baby Portobello Mushrooms

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Our Grilled Stuffed Baby Portobello Mushrooms are filled with brown rice, beets, carrots, and pecans then flashed with fresh flavors of orange zest, cilantro and flat leaf parsley. Our gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan recipe is perfect for lunch or as a flavorful side dish or light dinner when paired with crisp green salad.

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