So Delicious Pumpkin Spice Coconut Milk Review

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So Delicious Dairy-Free Pumpkin Spice Coconut Milk

Don’t let the name fool you! Looking for a pumpkin “milk” to drink straight up? Maybe not. BUT, looking for a sublime pumpkin product to create holiday “hootch” beverages, make divine pumpkin spice pancakes or waffles, or your lattes have a pumpkin hankering? Let’s Get To It! …

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Gluten-free, Dairy-free Thanksgiving & Christmas Dinner Grocery Shopping Guide

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Gluten-free Dairy-Free Pantry Guide Products

To make your gluten-free, dairy-free Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner grocery shopping easier (especially if you’re new to this lifestyle or you’re in a crunch for time), I’ve put together a list of items that can be easily found at most grocery stores or natural food stores.

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Roasted Turkey with Apple Pomegranate Glaze

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Roasted Turkey with Apple Pomegranate Glaze

Our fruit-based basting glaze recipe, with a touch of Jack Daniels Whiskey, gives this gluten-free Thanksgiving turkey a golden skin and moist meat. The aromas of the herbs, apples, and pomegranate waft through the air and will make your guests anxious for the dinner bell.

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Thanksgiving Bread Stuffing Cups

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The debate is long lived. Some say stuffing is different from dressing, some argue they’re the same thing. I don’t really think about it much and love them both, and to me Thanksgiving “isn’t” without this side dish. I’ve put a spin on it this year, making stuffing cups instead of putting it into the turkey … with great results!

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Chocolate Ganache Pumpkin Pie

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Gluten Free Dairy Free Chocolate Ganache Pumpkin Pie

I’ve put a little “black tie” action on our pumpkin pie by adding a layer of rich dark chocolate ganache between a ginger graham cracker crust and creamy, dairy-free pumpkin filling. Oh yeah! All done with the intent of having even more tasty pie options – especially at Thanksgiving and the holidays.

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15 Minute Ginger Graham Cracker Crust

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Ginger Graham Cracker Crust

I rely on this crumb-style crust when I want big flavors and don’t have time to fuss. Ready to fill in just 15 minutes with no-bake fillings or fillings requiring baking of your choice. I especially like it for the holidays for pudding pies and my favorite pumpkin pie recipes.

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Pumpkin Pecan Seven Layer Bars

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Gluten-free Dairy-free Pumpkin Pecan Seven Layer Bars

Since I know there are so many of us out there who love the combo of ginger, pumpkin, and chocolate (because chocolate is tasty with just about anything), I thought I’d throw them all together and create one delicious YUM treat! I must warn you though, these are really rich … really rich.

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Roasted Turkey Bathed in Apricot Cherry Amaretto Glaze

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Roasted Turkey Bathed in Apricot Cherry Amaretto Glaze

Our Apricot Cherry Amaretto Glaze creates a beautiful basting sauce for our gluten-free Thanksgiving turkey. DiSaronno adds a slightly almond sweetness. The turkey cooks up with a rich, golden brown, crispy exterior and a moist and flavorful meat.

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Gingered Orange Cranberry Relish with Bitters

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Our Gingered Orange Cranberry Relish adds bitters, Grand Marnier, maple syrup, and orange zest to a traditional gluten-free recipe. This Thanksgiving condiment is the perfect side dish to your turkey day feast.

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Cake Pop Turkeys

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Make these whimsical Cake Pop Turkeys for a fun and yummy home or school arts and crafts or cooking project. By using Better Batter Cake Mix, this dessert is gluten and dairy free, and safe for children with celiac disease, a wheat allergy, or wheat intolerance to make and eat. So easy even preschool children can do it.

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Thanksgiving Party Planning Gluten Free 101

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Easy party planning ideas and food substitutions to make Thanksgiving a fun and safe celebration in your child’s classroom.

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