Celiac Disease Foundation Offers Children’s Summer Celiac Camp

Posted by on Nov 29, 2011 in Celiac Disease Foundation | 0 comments

Celiac Disease Foundation offers summer camp for children with celiac disease. Offering a gluten-free menu the camp is safe for kids with gluten intolerance and gluten sensitivity. Canoeing, hiking, campfires for children ages 7-15.

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PF Chang’s China Bistro…an Ethnic “Culinary Adventure” Without Compromise

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PF Chang’s China Bistro delivers delicious Chinese cuisine and still meets your gluten-free dietary restrictions. Providing traditional and complete menu items in a gluten free format without compromising taste or quality. People with food allergies,a wheat intolerance or celiac disease can eat here.

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Italian, Done Biaggi’s Style … “E Amore!”

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Dining Italian style on a gluten-free diet can be very challenging. Biaggi’s Restorante Italiano has brought both concepts together successfully. They offer a complete gluten free menu providing all food categories.

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