So Delicious Nog (Eggnog) Product Review

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… Eggnog Worth Drinking!

So Delicious Nog Coconut Milk BeverageI’ve never been a big fan of eggnog. Nope! Even when I could do dairy and gluten and all things that I thought made the holidays bright, traditional eggnog was not on my list of festive foods. With the heavy cream and the raw eggs, it just seemed … not pleasing. I didn’t like the mouth feel or texture of traditional nog. It was too thick, as in a kind-of-hard-to-swallow way, to me. I stopped thinking about it many holiday seasons ago.

So why was I intrigued in the least to try So Delicious Dairy Free Nog Coconut Milk Beverage? I honestly can’t say. But this holiday season two flavors have been calling out to me – eggnog and gingerbread. And I’ve been playing with both of them, and loving the flavor and recipe discoveries (which I’ll be sharing soon, I promise).

So Delicious Nog, I discovered, is exactly that … So Delicious! It has a creamy texture that is smooth and feels silky and luxurious in my mouth. No Kefir-like texture here that I’ve always associated with eggnog. The flavors definitely say holidays to me, with nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla. They’re warm and soothing (even though I’m drinking it chilled) without being too bold or overwhelming. Nog is definitely a sweet “cream”, perfect for enjoying as is in a dessert drink or a holiday drink. And if you want to turn your nog into a holiday “hootch” cocktail, it is the perfect base to complement rum, Grand Marnier, Amaretto (though, as much as I love amaretto, it will become killer sweet), Irish whiskey, or bourbon. Or get creative with your own favorite holiday cocktail ideas. Be sure to let the rest of us in on your secrets though. Oh, I bet it’s very delicious in your morning coffee too. Mmmm.

On the So Delicious product page, you’ll notice a little banner stating the Nog recipe is in transition. I must say, I hope they don’t change anything noticeable because I’ve finally found eggnog I LIKE – and one with which my food allergies can play nicely. So keep rockin’ the good stuff, So Delicious! Your gluten-free, vegan certifications are making me one cheery holiday elf. And being non-GMO verified and soy-free is a Bo-nus!!

I’m so glad I dusted off my old ways and tried a new version of a “traditional” holiday treat this season. If you want to learn more about So Delicious Dairy Free Nog Coconut Milk Beverage, be sure to visit their website.

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