Nubblers All Natural Fruit Bites Product Review

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… You’ll Want to Pull Up a Chair and Read This!


Have you heard about Nubblers All Natural Fruit Bites by Green Plate Foods? Yes? You lucky dog! No? I’m so sorry, but I have great news … you’re about to.


Green Plate Foods Nubblers All Natural Fruit Bites, photo courtesy of GPF


Nubblers All Natural Fruit Bites are these tasty little one-, two-, maybe three-bite vegan, gluten-free, and raw nibbles of delicious snacking. They come in three perfectly paired, palette-pleasing flavors: Blueberry Pistachio (oh, how I love pistachios in anything), Cherry Chocolate (what’s not to love when there’s chocolate involved, right?), and Apricot Cranberry (Oh, the sweet tart joy of apricot). If I’m going to be perfectly honest with you – and I’m always perfectly honest with you – though I expected the Cherry Chocolate or the Blueberry Pistachio to reign supreme for me, it is actually the Apricot Cranberry that brings home the prize here. There’s just something really extraordinary about those Nubblers for me. Don’t get me wrong though, I’d devour all of the flavors without blinking an eye. Just saying.

I love these little bites for other reasons as well. (I’m so excited to share these Nubblers with you that I just cannot contain myself. I love sharing products with you – especially when they get me this charged up! Whew! Deep breath!)

  • All flavors are gluten-free, vegan, and raw (I know I mentioned this above but it’s worth repeating.)
  • They are small, triangular fun-shaped, making them very kid friendly and prefect for little hands and little appetites.
  • They are bite-size so you can grab one or two to keep portion control in check. Plus this way we can nibble throughout the day – yay!
  • Each flavor has a clearly defined, full flavor profile without being over-the-top bold.
  • The sweetness is kept in check. No sugar overload here, yet still sweet enough that they’re tasty to those who perhaps don’t watch the sugar intake as much, but are wanting to do something a bit better for their bodies.
  • They hold together very well – no crumbling. This is an extra bonus for lunch-packing points. Their texture is more dense than a brownie, but still tender enough to sink your teeth into. There’s no crunch here.
  • Nothing gets stuck in your teeth, as happens with some wholesome snacks. Sounds silly to put that in a product review but it matters to me. Thought it might to you too.
  • Five simple ingredients in each variety. Healthy, pronounceable, recognizable ingredients. Depending on your flavor choice, you might find dried fruit, chocolate chips, dried coconut, dates, nuts, and/or oats. If some of these ingredients aren’t on your safe-food list, be sure to check the labels for each one since they vary.
  • There are eight Nubblers in each package, each piece containing 40 calories (5 from fat), 0 trans or saturated fat, 0 cholesterol and sodium, 8g total carbs, less than one gram fiber, and 0 protein. I like those numbers. Might I suggest pairing them with a perfect snack partner of some raw nuts, if you just gotta have some protein too?
  • Nubblers need to be kept refrigerated for extended freshness – If you want to enjoy them cold, pack them in a lunchbox with a coldpak or wrap them in foil the night before, store them in the freezer, then toss them into your kiddo’s (or your) lunchbox and by lunchtime they’ll be right as rain for you to enjoy. They should be fine without being chilled from morning to lunchtime too.

There, I’ve given you TEN reasons or serving suggestions why Nubblers fit into the healthy gluten-free, dairy-free snacks category (or healthy gluten-free, vegan snacks category if that’s your safe food journey) and should be on your next grocery list. There’s only been one downside to having them in my fridge until now … and really, it’s my problem, not yours … I had to wait until I wrote this review and took photos to polish off these yummy bites. After the fact, I found that the image provided by GPF does far more justice to Nubblers than my photos. And I could have been snacking this whole time … ugh! If you enjoy them half as much as I do, you’ll be hooked!

Where to buy Nubblers All Natural Fruit Bites

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By the way, Green Plate Foods offers other gluten-free treats as well.

Disclosure: I received product samples for this review. No monetary compensation was made. This review is solely my own opinion and my reward is the deliciousness I was able to experience while nibbling on these as I shared them with you.

Safe food is a journey … Thrive!™

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