Happy Mother’s Day

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… Thank You!


Happy Mother's Day Lilac Buds


To moms who live, or help someone else living, a gluten-free (and other “free”) lifestyle … You make a difference. Today, on Mother’s Day, you deserve a “Thank You” …

–       For being patient.

–       For being persistent.

–       For adapting.

–       For never giving up when looking for an answer.

–       For being your child’s or your own best advocate.

–       For working tirelessly in pursuit of better health.

–       For following your gut and pursuing better answers when others weren’t as diligent.

–       For stepping outside the comfort zone and pushing doors open when needed.

–       For mastering recipes that you’d never dreamed would be in your wheelhouse.

–       For learning terms that sounded like a foreign language to better understand this disease.

–       For speaking up when it would have been so much easier to stay quiet, because speaking up was the only way to move forward.

–       For telling doctors you knew better than they did.

–       For figuring out how to make a birthday party safe.

–       For spending hours in the grocery store reading labels and never complaining.

–       For shopping at five different stores to make sure the foods we eat are healthful and safe.

–       For making Google your best research friend.

–       For explaining to teachers why the standard classroom snack is not safe.

–       For showing me how to be patient with myself.

–       For helping me become comfortable with my required lifestyle.

–       For never getting angry when a food I’ve eaten hundreds of times in the past suddenly becomes taboo and we have to add it to the “forbidden foods” list.

–       For cradling me in your arms when my belly was on fire and my body ached.

–       For understanding that the blank stare in my eyes wasn’t me ignoring you but that I was suffering from foggy brain syndrome from being glutened.

–       For having the kids over to our house so we could make sure all the snacks were gluten-free and I wouldn’t have to miss out or feel different.

–       For teaching me to cook.

–       For being as frustrated with this crazy disease as I am – but never showing it.

–       For the countless, sleepless nights you spent trying to figure out recipes that I could eat.

–       For walking with me through the grieving process of loosing and letting go of my old life and foods, and helping me accept the new ones.

–       For explaining to family members, again, why I need to bring my own food to the family parties.

–       For being a role model of how to live a gluten-free (dairy-free/multiple allergen-free) lifestyle in a positive way.

–       For letting me learn to find my own voice in advocating for myself.

–       For making me do those stupid, but necessary, tests to find answers to better health.

–       For showing me that it’s okay to be angry sometimes. It’s what we do with our anger that counts.

–       For believing in me when others thought I was just lazy.

–       For helping me to accept that the life and goals that I’d worked so hard to achieve would never be realized because my illness sabotaged all of them, and reminding me that I’ll find new, fulfilling goals and rewards.

–       For walking this journey with me!

–       For helping me thrive!

–       For loving me through it all!


Safe food is a journey … Thrive!™

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