Enjoy Life Foods Dark Chocolate Morsels Product Review

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… Gluten and Dairy Free Dark Chocolate Makes for Bold Baking!

Enjoy Life Foods Dark Chocolate MorselsBaking with chocolate is a must in the Daily Forage kitchen. I can’t claim that chocolate makes its way into all of my baked goods, but it quickly becomes obvious that it filters into many of my recipes. And I like it that way. I think many of you do too, am I right? So when Enjoy Life offered to send a bag of their new 69% Dark Chocolate Morsels to me for review, who was I to complain? Their Semi-sweet Mini Chips and Semi-sweet Mega Chunks have been staples in my kitchen from the beginning of our gluten-free, dairy-free journey.

There are a couple of characteristics of dark chocolate that usually cause me to take pause when buying it. Will it be more on the bitter end of the dark chocolate scale, and will it still have the creaminess and melting qualities that I need? I’ve found, typically, the darker the chocolate is, the less creamy and more chalk-like the texture becomes. With Enjoy Life Foods new 69% Dark Chocolate Morsels, these questions were answered for me – and I’m confident they’ll be answered for you as well.

Just to make sure that these dark chocolate morsels, which are free of the top eight allergens, were going to do what I need them to do and not just stand around looking good, I put them through some tests. Would the bold flavor be too pronounced in recipes? Would the texture breakdown? I needed to know these things – and to share the results with you – so I sampled them in three ways: independent of any other ingredients (by the handful), as the main ingredient in my Amaretto Dark Chocolate Truffles, and in the ganache layer of my Chocolate Ganache Pumpkin Pie.

My questions were unequivocally answered. No and Yes! No, there is no bitterness to these new gluten-free, dairy-free chocolate chips. There is boldness and a more pronounced chocolate flavor, which I find a welcome change for certain recipes. And Yes (with a capital Y), these chips are creamy when eaten by the handful, and melt into a velvet-like texture when needed. Remember my concern about chalkiness?  That’s not the case here. Enjoy Life has taken these morsels to just that perfect place where bold is still sexy in its silky, little black dress.

These little, dark and seductive morsels now, and forever will, sit side by side with their baking counterparts, Mini and Mega, as my safe go-to gluten-free, dairy-free, top eight allergen-free dark chocolate for baking and recipe development, and snacking of course.

If you like dark chocolate, I highly recommend you pick up a bag of these during your next shopping trip. Heck, pick up a few bags. It is the holiday baking season after all.

For more info on these morsels, for buying locations, or for other questions you may have, check out the Enjoy Life Foods website.

Note: While the product was provided by Enjoy Life Foods, the opinions and words here are solely my own.

Product Review Rating: ◊◊◊

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