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… Gluten-free Labels Everyone Can Understand!

Kemnitz Gluten-Free StickersI may have been under a rock for a while because there are these great little stickers, I didn’t even know about, that have been on the market a long time. But just in case you’ve been under a neighboring rock, or haven’t known about them either, I wanted to make sure to share them with you.

Kemnitz Family Kitchen Stickers make it easy to label all of your gluten-free and allergy-friendly foods, so everyone in the house knows what is safe and what is not. The yellow stickers are clearly labeled with either “gluten-free” or “GF”, and the blue stickers show the “Allergy-Friendly” or “AF”. There are also allergy-friendly labels with a section to write what the item does not include, such as dairy or nuts or eggs. I LOVE that! Personalized stickers! The package of gluten-free stickers that I have also includes little plastic sandwich picks. How cool is that? Now when you’re serving up food for a crowd, it’s easy to identify which sandwiches have gluten-free, dairy-free buns too. Yay!

For foods or products that are simply off limits, there are red stickers that just say “NO” and “STOP”.  How much easier can it get for kids and adults alike to have clarification on what is okay to enjoy. Even young ones who can’t read yet have the colors that they can understand.

There are so many ways to put these handy little stickers to use. Some that come to mind include labeling purchased gluten-free and allergen-free snacks, and desserts that you’ve baked up with love, at home. If you send treats or goodies to your child’s teacher for class parties or rewards, this is the perfect way to make sure your little one gets the right ones. You could also place these stickers on place cards at potlucks, and stick the sandwich picks into cakes and pies at parties. I might just bake up some tasty gluten-free and dairy-free devil’s food chocolate doughnuts to bring to Doughnut Sundays at my church each month. (I know I’m not the only parishioner who doesn’t participate in Doughnut Sunday because there’s nothing safe there to enjoy. Not that I shouldn’t be going just for the social interaction, right? Yeah, that sounded bad. I better fix that … soon!) Anyway, putting the focus back on the stickers where it should be, there might be some Bake Sales or cookie exchanges that you’d like to participate in with your social circle of gluten-free/allergen-free and non g-f friends. How easy will it be now to label your wares, and know that they’re being shared safely with the right people? (Especially since we know that gluten-free goodies can taste every bit as good as the taboo stuff!)

These little stickers seem like they just might make living a gluten-free lifestyle a bit easier. And when it’s easier, it’s more fun, right?

If you want to check out these stickers, you can find them online at Kemnitz Family Kitchen.  With all these great ideas, I might just see you there. I’ve got some gluten-free, dairy-free holiday baking coming up soon. I see many labels in my future. 😀

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