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 … Doing Burgers Up Crazy!

Crave Real Burgers LogoDon’t you just LOVE going out for a great burger once in a while? Perhaps even more often than that. I know I do. Sometimes finding a great burger joint that’s tasty … and safe … isn’t that easy though. Well, I found one that’s off the gluten-free radar screen, but does burgers (and fries) – yes, even gluten free, dairy-free ones – up right!

Crave Real Burgers is doing up insanely delicious burgers and does such a good job that they’ve even earned the coveted title of “People’s Choice Winner – 2012 Denver Burger Battle”. These burgers aren’t just crazy good – they’re just plain crazy.

Burger-making is taken seriously, though, at Crave Real Burgers. They include ingredients that would make most people say, “What?” With burgers like the Nutty Professor with peanut butter, bacon, jalapenos, and onion, or the Flaming Tiki with grilled pineapple and habanero mayo, you may be in for a real flavor adventure. But that’s the fun, right? With all these choices, it’s a great place to bring your free-range dining buddies as well.

Crave Real Burgers Nutty Professor Burger, photo courtesy of CRB

Nutty Professor Burger by Crave Real Burgers

While not all burger combos are gluten-free, or dairy-free – even the safe ones aren’t marked on their menus with gluten free identifiers – to learn your gluten free options is as simple as asking the manager. I was able to get my juicy and delicious burger on a gluten-free, dairy-free bun. The manager and wait-staff were very accommodating and made sure that all of my allergen needs (gluten, dairy, peanut, soy, shellfish) were taken seriously. They cooked my order on a separate grill, changed gloves, and assembled everything away from any potential cross-contamination areas. Then my order was delivered to my table by the manager. Ordering sweet potato fries was no problem either, just make sure to double check on their dedicated fryer availability. They were happy to accommodate my fries craving and made sure it was completely obliterated before I left the restaurant. If dairy isn’t a restriction, be sure to ask about their shake choices, too. They looked so good!

To emphasize a point here, I almost missed out on this very cool burger spot because I didn’t see anything labeled gluten-free on the menu. By asking to speak to the manager prior to being seated, my questions were definitively answered, and I could clearly tell that there was a thorough knowledge base of gluten-free, allergen-free, and cross-contamination* factors to feel confident in my decision to dine at Crave Real Burgers. I indulged in a savory and satisfying meal that left me with nothing but contentment. My point … Never be afraid to ask (especially when there are markings on the menu – more coming on this very soon). Some of the best kept secrets are revealed in doing so.

*Be sure to check out their allergen statement well placed on their menu right between their drinks and milkshakes.

Check out the Crave Real Burgers Menu.

Check to see if there’s a Crave Real Burgers location near you.


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