Food and Skin Allergies on the Rise

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… Are You Noticing an Increase?

I came across a recent article discussing the increase of allergies, notably in children, and various theories as to what may be the contributing factors. I know from personal experience that I’ve become aware of a significant number of people who live and deal with allergies, attributing my increased awareness to the fact that food and skin allergies have taken on a significant role in our home over the past few years (and for almost 30 years in relation to a shellfish allergy, in my case). Our own situations have put us into a circle of friends, acquaintances and supporters whom were previously unfamiliar. While many people deal with intolerances and sensititivies, and must pay close attention to their triggers and avoid them at every possibility, true allergies trigger life-threatening anaphylaxis.

If you live in the world of allergies, or know someone who does, you may find this article, “Food, Skin Allergies Increasing in Children”, of interest as well.

Are you noticing an increase?    

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