The Morning-After Juice

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… A Liquid Re-Energizer to Cure the New Year’s Eve Indulging!

The Morning After JuiceThough I usually share my juice recipes, made with my Hurom Slow Juicer, with you on Fridays through my Facebook page, I thought this gluten-free, dairy-free juice recipe would be especially good to share today, New Year’s Eve.

I’m calling it The Morning-After Juice due to its powerful vitamin c and antioxidants, which may help cleanse the system of what ails you after your celebrations. I’ve included cucumbers too, which are 95% water and contain an ample amount of vitamin B and electrolytes, good for rehydration after consuming alcohol. The natural sugars in the oranges and carrot will help replenish low blood sugar first thing in the morning, or whatever time “dawn” seems to occur on New Year’s Day.

Another reason why I’m sharing The Morning-After Juice today? It tastes good! Fresh squeezed orange juice is always delicious, and the lemon and cucumber contribute a not-so-sweet, clean and fresh flavor. It gives me a sense of cleansing my system with something wholesome. (If you’ve got a really bad hangover and believe that just a little hooch will take the edge off, this juice would be great with a splash of vodka, too. It might even be a fun and lively cocktail for the New Year’s Eve party! But I think I might be digressing here.)

I hope your New Year’s Eve celebrations are fun, lively, and filled with great memories of the past year … and great aspirations of the year ahead. 

Happy New Year, everyone! Thank You for being a part of our 2012 journey:-D We look forward to sharing 2013 with you!


The Morning-After Juice

3 Navel Oranges, peeled and cut into quarters

1 Extra Large Carrot or 2 medium carrots, scrubbed and cut into discs

1 Lemon – I used Meyer, peeled and cut into quarters

1 Small Cucumber, peeled and cut into chunks


Place fruit and veggie chunks, alternating ingredients, into Hurom Slow Juicer, or juicer of your choice, then finish with the carrot chunks. Stir and enjoy!

Safe food is a journey … Thrive!™

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