Glutino Gluten Free Table Crackers

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… Filling in Where Others Can’t!

Glutino GF Table Crackers, photo courtesy of GlutinoWhen I talk about a specific food or provide you with a product review, it is usually to make note of a “standout” item with a big “personality”. One that is bold in flavor, offers a delicious crunch, or makes the perfect baked good, etc. I like to describe its identifiable characteristics, its notable health benefits, its unique rewards to be gleaned.  

Today I want to share a gluten-free product that … perhaps you’re aware of, perhaps not … is nondescript, lacks bold flavor or color, is okay when standing alone but is much better as a team player. Maybe you’re thinking right about now that I’m certainly not presenting a flattering introduction of this product. That’s not what I’m attempting to do at all! I believe this product to be an unsung hero of multi-tasking in the gluten-free food world, at least that’s how it is in my kitchen. This is a great example of a, “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” scenario. So who (what) is this wallflower that goes so unnoticed? …

…  Glutino Gluten Free Table Crackers

Glutino Gluten Free Table Crackers are a staple item in my pantry and one of the most versatile gluten-free foods around. I love how these crackers can be used in so many different venues and still maintain their silence. Is this flattering? You bet! These Table Crackers can be most easily compared to Saltines. They are similar in appearance with the light yellow hue, the fork-pierced dotting, and the lightness and snap when you bite into them. They are mildly salted while their flavor is subtle. If a cracker with a distinctive flavor is what you’re in the mood for, these will probably not be your first choice. But don’t let that deter you from giving these crackers a permanent place in your kitchen. Here’s why I believe Glutino’s should find their rightful spot in your pantry and how I bring out the best of their nondescript, multi-tasking abilities:

  • Crush into fine bits and mix well with my favorite seasonings to make a great breading for baked chicken fingers or fish fillets
  • Improve the consistency (and help stretch the food budget) when added to meatloaf or meatballs 
  • Create the necessary “crumb” to my favorite traditional holiday meat pie, Toutiere. Glutino crackers enabled me to continue my Christmas tradition of making these pies in gluten free form. The family recipe was passed down from my mother-in-law when I was first married 27 years ago and we’ve never had a Christmas without them. Finding a perfect substitute for Saltines was a real Godsend. (I’ll be sharing the recipe this holiday season.)
  • A perfect platform for petite meat and cheese cracker bites.
  • Don’t compete with the flavors in a cream cheese and mint jelly cracker snack.
  • When there’s a tummy ache, these table crackers have a way of settling things down and absorbing the acids. A preferred way to calming an upset stomach over taking medication, when possible.
  • They dunk well in soup. 
  • Mixed with seasonings, make a great cracker-crumb topping to roasted asparagus or sautéd green beans.

Now you know why I consider Glutino Gluten Free Table Crackers an item never to be forgotten on my shopping list. They do the job when others can’t! Be sure to try these soon and see how you can incorporate them into your recipes. 


Daily Forage Rating: ◊◊◊ I’m a Believer

Glutino Gluten Free Table Crackers

Ingredients: Corn starch, palm oil, soy flour, invert sugar, sea salt, soy lecithin, cellulose gum, sodium bicarbonate, caramelized sugar, yeast extract, sodium pyrophosphate.

Allergen Statement: Contains Soy. May Contain Traces of Eggs, Tree Nuts and Sesame.


Do you have a favorite multi-tasking food item? How do you incorporate it into your recipes?     

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  1. I prefer the En-R-G gluten free crackers to these. My favorite way to eat them is with a little peanut butter and Nutella. 🙂

  2. I have to say, I’ve never tried that brand. I’ll check them out. I can’t do peanuts, but I love getting the almond butter and chocolate chip thing going on. So good on toast! Thanks for your comments:-D

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