Do You Feel More Interested in Exercising Now That You’re Gluten Free?

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… Are You Ready for the Next Step in Wellness?

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… What’s been holding you back?

I pose these questions to you based on what I’ve experienced and what so many others have shared with me. I’d love to hear what you feel about this.

Personally I’ve found that the longer I am gluten-free and my body has a chance to thoroughly purge the toxins from consuming gluten and continues the healing process, I have more energy and less brain fog to get in the way of the rest of my life. For each person, the detox and healing process can take varying degrees of time, depending on the level of damage. I’m at the two and half year mark (though I have to admit I cheated a couple of times during the first eight months … my mom always said I was hard-headed), and I’ve finally started to feel completely healthy for the first time in my life, beginning just about four months ago. Until then I still struggled with periodic foggy brain syndrome, monthly headaches that I couldn’t shake without over-the-counter pain relievers, and a general “okay, but not great” energy level. Coming up with energy to do something better for myself was work. Though logically I knew all the right arguments to throw at myself, none of them seemed to stick … too much work.

Similarly, I’ve repeatedly heard from fellow gluten-free folks that the health issues they experienced, prior to their diagnosis of celiac disease or gluten intolerance and while their healing continued, were so overwhelming that exercise was not a possibility. Managing to just get through the day, whether dealing with constant pain, chronic fatigue, depression, or the lack of concentration was all they could handle. The interest in nonessential activities was nonexistent. Once the healing began, and the symptoms were reduced or eliminated all together, there became room in their life and optimism in their perspective to consider other interests. Feeling better created a spark for wanting to feel really good. Yes, I agree.

Once I started feeling significantly better, I decided to try again to get into shape. Mind you, I’ve always been blessed with a good metabolism (which I’m finding has been changing over past couple of years) so my primary focus for exercising is to boost me to overall wellness, not necessarily to shed pounds. A fit heart, a strong body, a good metabolism, a sharp mind, and energy to do what I want when I want, is my current goal (though running my first 5K is still on my bucket list). A couple of months ago I allowed myself to become the tortoise, not the hare, and started on a walking program (self-designed) to move me forward both physically and mentally. I am kind to myself and I don’t expect more than I can give, but I gently push myself to make improvements in my program at regular intervals. I’m now able to jog, intermittently with walking, 2 of the 4 miles I try to put in almost every day. I alternate this with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) on opposite days. Is this hard work? You bet! Do I love it? Most days:D Am I slowly and steadily making my way into “complete wellness” category? That’s my goal. Do I pat myself on the back occasionally to keep the motivation up? Absolutely! I personally think this should be a part of every workout:D The interesting thing I’ve finally achieved this time (I’ve tried before but didn’t stick with exercise for too long) … I am thinking about exercise differently in my head. I want this and I finally believe I can have it.

So, I ask you, “Are you ready for the next step?” … understanding that there are so many “next steps” to wellness once the ability and interest become present. Better health begets even better health. Exercise might help propel you into the next stage of wellness. I’m not talking about over-the-top, hard-core, boot camp exercise programs (though I hope someday to have that much energy again), I’m simply suggesting that if you’re ready to help move your health forward, consider starting a regular exercise program, personally fit to your needs*.

Do you feel more interested in exercising now that you’re gluten free? What’s the next step in your wellness plan? Are you able to make exercise a good fit for you?

*Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

 Safe food is a journey … Thrive!™

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