Confessions of a Hurom Slow Juicer Newbie

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… I have a confession to make …

Hurom Slow Juicer sm1, Photo by Daily Forage.comI LOVE gadgets. But only gadgets that really can make a difference. Especially in the kitchen. Anything that can make my life either easier, or healthier, is a gadget that I can really pay attention to. I’m not into items that will just clutter my kitchen cabinets or take up counter work space with no real purpose. But I’ve found an item that fits both of my criteria … to help me be a healthier gluten-free me AND is easy to use while doing so.

Isn’t it beautiful? Doesn’t it produce lovely results? Don’t you want to just wrap your hands around it and stroke it gently to let it know how much you appreciate it? I do! No, I’m not kinky, just really excited! I think I’m in love! I am so excited about this that I’ve been a little embarrassed to share it with you. But I decided it would be selfish of me to keep it to myself any longer.

You’ve probably guessed by now anyway. I have become the proud, new, enthusiastic owner of a juicer. But not just any juicer … the Hurom Slow Juicer. The Hurom Slow Juicer uses the masticating extraction method. This means that by crushing and pressing the fruits and vegetables with a screw-like auger, the juicer creates larger quantities of higher quality juice while producing a very dry pulp by-product. Why am I sharing these details with you? Because this means that the juice I get to enjoy will provide more vitamins and nutrients, and less waste.

Juice Glasses sm1Doesn’t this juice entice you with the beautiful, rich colors. And the flavor is like nothing poured from a bottle. I love the fact that I can create any juice flavor just by the fresh fruits, vegetables, and greens (yes, it even does greens) that I choose. I can even make juice to use as a base in our smoothies. We enjoy smoothies almost every day. To think that suddenly our smoothies have more nutritional value just by adding homemade juice. Well, how deliciously easy is that?

And as I mentioned above, the pulp comes out very dry. Because of this (honestly there is not even a drop of liquid in the bottom of the pulp catcher), the pulp can easily be used in recipes without any adaptations or the need to account for extra moisture or liquid. I love adding the pulp from a carrot apple juice combo into my banana muffins. The muffins are wonderfully moist and benefit from the extra fiber punch of the pulp. You can’t tell the pulp is there, except maybe for the pretty little orange specs sprinkled throughout the muffins. Just more wholesome goodness in every bite. I’ve also added the pulp from my veggie juice combo (made from celery, tomatoes, broccoli and carrots) to my spaghetti sauce. Talk about an easy way to get extra veggies into your kids without them knowing. Yum! More health benefits with little effort and less waste. Who can complain about that? Surely not me.

I’m not becoming a juicing addict (at least not yet), I just believe in the benefits of juicing and being able to boost nutrition intake whenever possible. That’s not only good for a gluten-free lifestyle, but can benefit anyone.

If I’ve intrigued you even a bit about the benefits of a juicer, be sure to follow me on facebook, or keep on coming back to visit me here, for more info about the benefits of juicing and for some delicious juice combinations and pulp-boosted recipes. Or perhaps you already have a juicer. Be sure to include your comments at the bottom of this post so we can share the excitement of our safe food juicing journey together.

P.S. Know that I’m not being paid to endorse or advertise the Hurom Slow Juicer. I‘m just sharing what I believe in. If you’re curious about how the Hurom Slow Juicer works be sure to click on the link above or here. Hurom can explain the specifics much more clearly than I.

Safe food is a journey … Thrive!


  1. Yay for juicing! Aren’t the benefits astounding! It is definitely one appliance I cannot live without. We have a Breville and I’m in love, but I have heard nothing but wonderful things about Hurom juicers as well.

  2. It was a tough decision between the two. Both were highly recommended. I’m having so much fun sneaking extra fiber into my cooking. And my creative “juices” are really flowing with figuring out new flavor combinations of juice to try. Thanks for sharing!

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