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I am so excited about a few new, and relatively new, gluten-free items we found at Trader Joe’s on our most recent shopping trip. I love shopping at Trader Joe’s! Not only do I feel the quality on their products is dependable and head-and-shoulders above many items on the general market, but I find the prices to be very reasonable. I also appreciate that I can find so many “everyday” items, as well as some more “novelty” items. Trader Joe’s is ever-expanding their locations. If you are fortunate enough to be close to one of their stores, be sure to check them out. I know our store is bringing in more and more gluten-free choices all the time. Since I have multiple items to share with you, all from TJ’s, I will include each of them in this one post, each with their own mini review. So without further ado, let’s get to it…


Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Corn Pasta

Trader Joe's Gluten Free Corn Pasta, Photo by Daily ForageThis pasta is one of my all-time favorite gluten-free pastas. It is made from corn … that’s it! It cooks up perfect every time. I like experimenting and using different pastas (i.e. rice, corn and quinoa, black bean) depending on the recipe I’m using it in. I’ve found TJ’s corn pasta can be used in any recipe without breaking down, becoming mushy, or drying out after a few days of being cooked and stored in the fridge. This makes it very versatile. I use it in my hot pasta dishes as well as my cold pasta salads. The corn adds just a hint of flavor, definitely not a “corny”, or grainy, texture though. And the price is great … about half of what some gluten-free pastas can cost. It is available in three shapes: spaghetti, penne, and fusilli. If you do not have corn sensitivities, I urge you to give this pasta a try. I think you’ll love it as much as we do. 


Trader Joe’s Strawberry Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert – Made with Coconut Milk

TJ's Strawberry Coconut Milk Ice CreamMight I say, “Yum!” I like other brands of non-dairy “ice cream” made from coconut milk. Period. With that being said, this TJ’s Strawberry “ice cream” has a distinct flavor, reminiscent of my dairy-full days, that I couldn’t put my finger on until I’d consumed a few servings. Then it came to me … it tastes like frozen yogurt, actually, more like frozen kefir. Again, I say, “Yum!” It is not overly sweetened, but rather has a bit of tartness, like yogurt. This has already made some delicious late night bowls of “ice cream” for me, and now I’m getting ready to move into the strawberry shake mode. Get some! (Of course it is gluten free, and vegan as well).


Trader Joe’s Mango Sorbet

TJ's Mango Sorbet GFDFWe are hooked on making smoothies every day! Right now we’re on a mango kick (actually I’m always on a mango kick … it’s my new “chocolate”.) TJ’s Mango Sorbet is smooth and “creamy”, while still holding true to the gluten-free, dairy-free, and fat-free guidelines. Yay! Bring it on! This is a refreshing taste-treat in its own right, and can sure kick up a smoothie to the next level. (Have you ever tried adding a hint of fresh lime juice and a couple of mint leaves into a mango smoothie?) Refreshing!! And with summer coming on soon, for the adults in the house, try drizzling an ounce (or so) of rum over a couple of scoops of sorbet, and you might just be practicing your Captain Morgan’s pose. 


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  1. After reading reviews about these sausage patties, I went to Trader Joe’s yesterday and bought a box. I was skeptical because I have not found too many veggie type foods that I really like. So after work, off to trader Joe’s with my daughter for a box of these sausages. Of course it is almost impossible to go into TJ and buy one item, so I bought TJ crescent rolls, honey, non-nitrate bacon, frozen brown rice and a host of other items I needed to fill my pantry. My daughter prepared our breakfast dinner (breakfast food at dinner time),eggs veggie sausage, and crescent rolls. The sausage was delicious and I was very impressed with the taste. I wanted to buy 2 boxes, but they only had one left, so I am waiting for another shipment. In the mean time, I will try the bacon with eggs, rolls, and some orange marmalade.

  2. Wow, sounds great! I love how Trader Joe’s just continues to increase their gluten-free, vegan, and “specialty” line of products. I am SO glad there’s a TJ’s close to us. Thanks for sharing! And by the way, I love breakfast for dinner too! 😀

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