Crunchmaster Gluten Free Multi-Seed Crackers

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Sometimes the Best Things Happen When You’re in a Crunch!

Crunchmaster Gluten Free Multi Seed Crackers, photo courtesy of CrunchmasterRecently I had to make a last-minute trip out of town. I didn’t have time to plan ahead and pack a few of my reliable foods. (I make a practice of doing this in case I get stuck on a delayed flight or need a snack and can’t find quick gluten-free answers on the road.) When I arrived at the city where I’d be staying for a few days, I was in need of quick and healthful finger foods that would be easy to eat, require almost zero prep, and wouldn’t come back to bite me later. I had to be “on my game” so to speak. During the next days ahead, I was well aware that I wouldn’t be able to run to the store or grab take-out easily. Nor were restaurants in the cards at this time. So I stopped at a large-chain grocery store on my way to my lodging. In unfamiliar turf, I scanned the aisles for “safe” snacks … crackers and dips would work well. To the cracker aisle I went … “Let’s see … gluten-free, gluten-free … Crunchmaster Gluten Free Multi-Seed Crackers … those look good. I’ll give them a try.”

This is where I always read the ingredients, read the packaging and fine print for allergen alerts, check to see the fat, protein, and carb amounts. This time I was in a time crunch, made a quick decision, and went with it. 

Once settled in at my “home” for the next little while, and ready to begin my responsibilities, I grabbed my crackers and some dip and hunkered down. “Okay, what kind of crackers did I actually buy?” I thought to myself. Crunchmaster Gluten Free Multi-Seed Crackers. Let’s see what these are all about …

Well, the bag says: 

  •  “crunchy oven baked.”
  •  All natural, 100 % whole grain, including such ingredients as brown rice flour, sesame seeds, quinoa seeds, amaranth seeds and flax seeds (and a few other ingredients)
  •  Cholesterol Free
  •  Per 15 cracker (or 30g) serving, they have:
    •  3g protein
    •  5g fat
    •  20g total carbohydrate
    •  2g dietary fiber
    • 0 cholesterol

What the bag doesn’t say is these crackers are delicious! Each cracker is smooth and shiny, giving a little visual interest from the contrast of the dark seeds scattered throughout the cracker. The first taste resembles the taste of a delicious gluten-filled cracker. These are definitely not the cardboard-flavored gluten-free crackers from days of old. They are crunchy and satisfying. They have just the right amount of salt to give them a good flavor and initial “chip” sensation, without being “too salty”. And Crunchmaster are crunchy, with no oily feel or residue, so they are easy to snack on wherever you are (except maybe in a library) or whatever you’re doing. No oils left on fingertips to transfer to my keyboard, for example. These crackers also seemed to satisfy my sweet tooth, though I’m honestly not sure how because I wouldn’t classify them as a sweet cracker. In fact, I never opened the dip I had with me to eat along with these crackers. They had plenty of their own flavor. 

So to wrap up my review from a very impromptu meeting with Crunchmaster Gluten Free Multi-Seed Crackers … they satisfied me completely. Healthful, delicious, guilt-free, and ready for snacking anytime … especially when you’re in a crunch!

Daily Forage Rating: ◊◊◊

Crunchmaster Gluten Free Multi-Seed Crackers

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