Returning with so much to share!

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So Much to Share
Though I’ve been away for a few days, Daily Forage has definitely not been out-of-sight or out-of-mind. I’ve been on a gluten- and dairy-free excursion, and I’ve returned with so much fun and valuable information that I cannot wait to share with you. 

I’ve had some fabulous “safe” and delicious eats, like Korean Barbecue Beef with Asian Spring Rolls, and Lime-Cilantro London Broil, Barbecued Potato Chips, and Mandarin Salad with “Croutons”.  These recipes are light, flavorful, and perfect for outdoor dining on warm summer evenings. 

I’ve indulged in a number of new products (some savory, some sweet) and, now that the sampling and reviews have added flavor to my palate (and inches to my waistline), I want to share them with you (the reviews, not the inches.) I did make sure to pass the plate around to other Daily Forage members and some non-GF samplers to insure equal-opportunity indulging and review inputs. Very interesting outcomes! 

Dining out opportunities, at restaurants new to me, have provided more restaurant reviews coming your way. Mexican food … yay, Ole!

Have you ever cooked up a great gluten-free product but didn’t really know how to spread the word? While on the road, one of my excursions took me to a gluten-free bakery with more to offer than just baked goods. Watch for more information on how this bakery is helping the gluten-free community get their own “piece of the pie”, so to speak. 

And, because being gluten-free means taking the focus off of food and putting it onto experiences whenever possible, my “play” time spent with folks who know how to bring food and fun together provided for everlasting memories. I’ll be sharing some of those experiences with you also. 

So be sure to continue logging onto Daily Forage and following us on Facebook for updates because we’ve returned with so much to share! 

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