Reel in Your Catch of the Day From the New Gorton’s Seafood Pool of Gluten Free Grilled Fish.

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Gorton's Gorton’s Seafood, well known for their full line of frozen seafood products, now “offers a wide variety of delicious, gluten free Grilled Fish selections which are expertly flame-grilled and seasoned for a great taste.” Your catch of the day may be Grilled Salmon, Grilled Tilapia, All Natural Grilled Fillets made from Alaska Pollock, or Grilled Haddock.

While Gorton’s produces many Breaded and Battered Fish products, they have implemented procedures at their production facility to protect against the risk of cross-contamination. “There is ongoing monitoring and testing to ensure that Gorton’s Grilled Fish is gluten free.”

To promote their Gluten Free Grilled Fish, Gorton’s is giving away 100 subscriptions to Living Without Magazine. For your chance to win a year’s subscription to the gluten free industry’s well-established publication, visit Gorton's Gluten Free.

Are you “hooked” yet? To reel you in even more, Gorton’s has recipes Gorton's Recipes and coupons Gorton's Coupons and Promotions as enticing bait. (Okay, I’m done with the fish puns.)

I remember eating Gorton’s Fish Sticks as a kid, much prior to my gluten-free lifestyle, and really loving them. I can’t wait to give the new gluten free grilled product line a try. Fish is such a great source of protein … Try some Gorton’s for yourself.


  1. Grilled fish… yum yum yum!

  2. They do sound delicious, don’t they? Be sure to check Gorton’s for coupons.

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