Enjoy Life Brings Us Four New Gluten-Free Crunchy Cookies

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Enjoy Life Logo Enjoy Life Foods has four new Crunchy-style cookies to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Their crunchiness makes them the perfect addition to any lunch or on-the-go activity (especially with school starting soon), or just as a great anytime snack. And if you’re a regular Daily Forage reader, you’ll know from past reviews that when Enjoy Life says “crunchy”, they mean it. 

We’ve put all four varieties through the Daily Forage taste-testing and performance process, and here’s what we have to say … (by the way, they are all gluten-free, as well as being free of all of the top eight allergens!)

Enjoy Life Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies … the Crunchy Chocolate Chip cookies have a buttery taste that seems to make the cookie melt in your mouth. Each cookie is speckled with the creamy mini chocolate chips that Enjoy Life does so well. They have the perfect crunchy texture for dipping into a big glass of milk to round out the after-school snack. The combination of flavor and texture make these chocolate chip cookies delicious, while still being easy to pack in a lunch bag without worrying about finding crumbs at at the bottom of the bag.  

Enjoy Life Crunchy Doubl Chocolate Cookies … the Crunchy Double Chocolate cookies have a more pronounced chocolate flavor, but not too sweet, with the chocolate incorporated throughout the entire cookie. Then with each bite, you find these little bursts of mini chocolate chip surprise. We bumped up the nutrition of our snacking experience by making a double chocolate peanut butter sandwich cookie. The flavor combination was a perfect match, and the cookies don’t get mushy from the peanut butter. Tasty and more nutritious!

Enjoy Life Crunchy Sugar Crisp Cookies … the Crunchy Sugar Crisp cookies instantly transported me right back to my grandmother’s homemade sugar cookies, and the fun we had rolling the dough balls in the sugar before placing them on the pan to bake. This time, though, there was no waiting for the cookies to cool before I could eat them. The buttery, rich flavor is married perfectly with just the right amount of sugar to complement them without making them too sweet. And the crunchy texture ensures that you won’t miss a morsel, as sometimes happens with the softer, more delicate variety of sugar cookies. 

Enjoy Life Crunchy Vanilla Honey Graham Cookies … the Crunchy Vanilla Honey Graham will definitely satisfy that distinct “graham cracker” flavor craving that has been so difficult to find in a gluten-free cookie … until now. These would make a terrific S’more cookie sandwich I’m sure, (though I’ve not had the chance to try this yet, my imagination is running wild in anticipation.) 

In my opinion, Enjoy Life keeps bringing gluten-free options to our table that are hard to resist, so I’ve stopped trying. Each of these cookies has its own distinct flavor, and they are all delicious. Pack some in your school lunches, if there are any left after you’ve completed your own taste-testing. My favorite is the Crunchy Sugar Crisp … What will yours be?

Daily Forage Rating: ◊◊◊

Enjoy Life Foods Crunchy Cookies

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