Bob’s Red Mill Recipe Contest May Have You Sparring for the Spurtle!

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Are you proud to show off your “steel cut oats”? Do they make others hot? Or are they more the cool and subdued type? Maybe you’re one who likes to stir wild oats. Is “matchmaker” a game you love to play with them? Or are you, perhaps, fickle when it comes to pairing them up? Do you feel the need to spar when competition comes your way? Well, whatever you and your oats are capable of, now’s the time to put them in the limelight.

Bob's GF Steel Cut Oats Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods has a competition, Spar for the Spurtle, for you to show off your talented oats. The oats must possess “steel cut” features and can be regular or of the gluten-free persuasion. You can even put them on video and capture their true abilities to share with others.

The contest entry deadline is July 30, 2011. The top three contestant finalists will be flown to Portland, OR, to compete in a live cook-off. The winner of the first competition will receive $2,500 and an all-expense paid trip to Scotland to compete in the 18th Annual Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championship.

For more information about what a “spurtle” is, to submit a recipe, vote, or learn about the contest, visit

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