Late July…And All the Other Months of the Year

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I must confess…I am a snacker. I need to know there is always something stashed in my cabinet for when the snack craving hits. Usually I am able to keep the snacking within acceptable amounts (except for chocolate, of course), and try to eat healthful foods most of the time. But when that craving does hit, I prefer to reach for something that will satisfy the craving without pushing me completely over the health-suicide edge. 

Late July Chips-1 Late July Organic Multigrain Snack Chips are just my craving life-saver. Late July Chips are made from a combination of organic ground whole corn, quinoa, brown rice, chia and other seeds, and are certified gluten-free. They have a corn tortilla-like texture, but with much more flavor and interest. In each chip, you can see the wholesome grains and seeds. Yes, they are chips, but they don’t have the oily residue found in so many of their counterparts. The flavor is unique and prominent, but combines well with any fresh salsa. They are crunchy and delicious. And I am addicted to them. 

For those thinking that nutrition and flavor cannot be found in the same snack, we don’t have to tell them these chips are healthful, we’ll just let them suffer the consequences of the 18 whole grains, 280 mg of Omega 3s, and only 70 mg of sodium per serving, in silence. Shhhh!

I eat Late July Organic Multigrain Snack Chips in late July, it’s true…but I wouldn’t be caught without them in my cabinet any other month of the year also. They are that good! Give them a try and allow yourself to become addicted to this nutritious “snack” food too. 

Daily Forage Rating: ◊◊◊ 

Late July Organic Multigrain Snack Chips

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