Gluten Detection Kit Passes the Test

Posted by on Jun 20, 2011 in Health/Research | 0 comments

ELISA Technologies, Inc., has announced that its EZ Gluten® Test Kit, has passed the test and earned the Performance-Tested MethodsSM (PTM) certification from the AOAC Research Institute (AOAC RI). 

What is the EZ Gluten® Test Kit? It is a test kit which can detect the presence of gluten in foods and beverages in as little as fifteen minutes. It is easy to use and provides accurate results, detecting the presence of gluten as low as 10 parts per million (ppm). Because of these qualities, The EZ Gluten® Test Kit can be used with confidence not only by individual consumers, but by product manufacturers and food establishments as well. 

To learn more, check out EZ Gluten Test Kit .

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