California Pizza Kitchen Tosses up a New Crust

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CPK logo For all you pizza lovers out there, great news!…California Pizza Kitchen has just announced the addition of a new gluten-free pizza crust to their menu. California Pizza Kitchen, established in 1985 and famous for their “outside the box” pizza creations, made-to-order pasta dishes, and numerous other original dishes, now serves up its 29 delicious and creative pizza topping combinations on a new, safe "platform" to the gluten-free diner. Earlier this year, California Pizza Kitchen identified other gluten-free items on their menu including appetizers, salads, items for young diners, and desserts. 

Explore your adventurous side and discover your favorite gluten-free pizza combo, or combos. It’s okay if it takes many attempts. 

For more information, visit  California Pizza Kitchen's New Gluten-Free Crust

– As an additional note, be aware that this crust contains milk, eggs, and soy.

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