Fenway Park Now Offers a Different “Dog”

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Fenway park tapestry You got to get a “dog” while enjoying the game at the baseball stadium, right? Well, now you can, except it’s a sausage. But its sure to be a home run for the gluten free baseball fan. At least when at Fenway Stadium watching the Boston Red Sox. No longer will being gluten free hold you back from enjoying some stadium food. 

On May 19th, 2011, the Boston Red Sox and Kayem Foods, Inc, manufacturer of Fenway Franks, announced an agreement making Kayem Foods, Inc. the Official Brand of both Sausage and Franks of Fenway Park and the Boston Red Sox. For the gluten free fan, the franks are still off-limits. But the sausage is “free” game. Not only is the sausage gluten free, but it contains no fillers or MSG either. Kayem says they use a “proprietary pork recipe with a unique blend of spices for a distinct flavor.” It is making me hungry for a game right now. 

Next time you're at Fenway Park, be sure to try out the new “eats” and get yourself a Kayam Sausage. Not sure what Fenway's doing about a bun though.

So Fenway, and any the other ball park that's listening … The sausage is great for getting to the gluten free first base, but what are you guys going to do to hit a home run? 

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