Cheeseburger In Paradise Offers New Gluten-free Bun and Increases Gluten Intolerance Awareness

Posted by on May 31, 2011 in Reviews | 2 comments

Cheeseburger-in-paradise A new gluten-free bun has been added to the current gluten-free menu offered at Cheeseburger in Paradise, a casual dining chain with thirty locations along the east coast and mid-west states. Having concentrated on this effort for more than eighteen months to ensure providing a product with consistent quality and taste, Steve Overholt, President of Paradise Restaurant Group, states, “We’re very excited to share our gluten-free bun with guests looking for flavorful gluten-free dining options.”

Cheeseburger in Paradise and the Gluten Intolerance Group have also partnered this May to help celebrate Celiac Disease Awareness Month by collaborating on GIG’s annual Chef to Plate Campaign fundraiser. “This annual event celebrates restaurants that bring awareness to gluten intolerance and also serve up gluten-free menu items.”


  1. I just tried the buns for lunch the other day. They were great! They held together the whole meal and had a good texture as well.

  2. Thanks, Jason, for your feedback. I love to hear about your experiences. All of our inputs help keep the community better informed. Glad your meal at Cheeseburger In Paradise was a positive one.

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