The Verandah … A Gluten-Free Diamond

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Las Vegas is known for being one of the top dining meccas of culinary experiences anywhere in the United States. With over 300 restaurants and eateries along Las Vegas Blvd alone, better known as the strip, some might say it is impossible not to find exactly what you’re hungry for. But what if your dining requirements are a bit different from those of the masses? There is a diamond in all that glitters on the blvd.

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The Four Seasons Hotel, located at the south end, holds just that diamond … the Verandah Restaurant. In complete contrast to the flashy architectures, glitz, and eye-catching displays of the theme-based resort and casino hotels that line the Las Vegas Blvd, there is a piece of solitude and calm that awaits you. You won’t find a street front facade begging for your attention, nor the clinking, clanking, and ringing of bells loud enough to stop everyone on the casino gaming floor as part of its public draw. What you will find is an atmosphere refined, elegant and comfortably reserved in its presentation and stature. The classic, yet unpretentious, atmosphere of the expansive garden terrace which overlooks the pool, couples perfectly to a dining experience with commanding abilities. I had the privilege of personally interviewing the executive chef who “brings it to the table.” 

Michael Goodman, FSLV Executive Chef Each day Executive Chef Michael Goodman, and his staff, create a first class cuisine with an authentic contemporary Italian palate. What makes many of Verandah’s menu items stand apart from the rest, one might ask? Chef Michael’s repertoire includes gluten-free dining specialties. When sharing his experience about the evolution of gluten free awareness, and the emergence of this dietary restriction into the mainstream restaurant arena, the chef’s enthusiasm, creativity, and spunk could not help but shine through. He recalls, “About six years ago there was no notice of gluten free needs in the general restaurant industry. In the more recent three to four years, the visibility of gluten free options has exploded,” he says. He’s taking 100% notice. And he’s sharing his knowledge and his enthusiasm with his guests through his cuisine.

Regardless of whether you are visiting the Four Seasons Verandah for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a wonderful after dinner dessert and coffee, there are choices to please. “I want to make our guests comfortable not to have to ask,” says Chef Michael when asked how he approaches the needs of his gluten-free patrons. The gluten-free items are all clearly marked on the menu. “Now more than ever, people are watching what they eat. In my opinion, gluten-free is here to stay,” comments the chef. He is continually educating his staff so the awareness and understanding continues to increase and become more fluid. In response to the question of what he is excited about on his menu, Chef Michael states, “I’m pleased with all the choices, but I especially like the Gluten-Free Sampler.” Offered on the weekday breakfast menu, the Sampler includes a mini gluten-free waffle with banana-cranberry compote, scrambled egg white with vegetables, pesto and tomato compote, citrus segments in agave nectar, and a carrot juice shooter. 

Lunch and dinner menus display gluten-free culinary delights as well. Ever crave a pizza with a crust you can sink your teeth into and feel confident no health repercussions will occur? Or wish to twist pasta with luxurious gluten-free sauces onto your fork? These relatively recent additions to the gluten-free menu can satisfy superbly. And I must mention that the artisan bread, cookies and brownies are not only for the unrestricted dining guests. Many of these are offered gluten-free. It’s possible even your non-gluten-free dining partners will be envious of your choices. 

Dining gluten-free is a pleasure when a find such as the Verandah is discovered. If a calmer locale than the main drag is what you’re looking for, the quiet, peaceful surroundings of the Four Seasons Verandah Restaurant offer an experience sure to satisfy and relax you. Whether a resident of Las Vegas, or a visitor for a brief stay, be sure to familiarize yourself with the fine gluten-free dining experience offered by Executive Chef Michael Goodman at the Verandah Restaurant.

3960 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. 89119 Tel. 1 (702) 632-5000 

Verandah, Four Seasons Hotel, Las Vegas

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